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Gallery Of Glass For Sale - Late 17th to late 18th century Glasses - Mushroom Knop Stems

Ordering, Postage, Payment, Import Duty & Safety

A common early baluster stem formation, dating to around 1720

These are individual vessels that are in stock and can be purchased as seen. For vessels that we make to order, see this page.

Single Vessels (do not pair up):

MUSH0002 - 40
Height: 17.0cm
Diam: 7.7cm
Capacity: 130ml

MUSH0003 - 40
Height: 16.4cm
Diam: 7.6cm
Capacity: 125ml

MUSH0018 - 40
Height: 16.7cm
Diam: 7.5cm
Capacity: 110ml

MUSH0029 - 45
Height: 20.1cm
Diam: 9.6cm
Capacity: 210ml

MUSH0031 - 50
Height: 21.5cm
Diam: 9.2cm
Capacity: 255ml

MUSH0032 - 80
Height: 24.0cm
Diam: 10.2cm
Capacity: 375ml

MUSH0033 - 80
Height: 24.1cm
Diam: 10.2cm
Capacity: 270ml

MUSH0050 - 80
Height: 24.6cm
Diam: 10.4cm
Capacity: 280ml

MUSH0051 - 80
Height: 25.1cm
Diam: 10.5cm
Capacity: 300ml

MUSH0052 - 80
Height: 25.4cm
Diam: 10.4cm
Capacity: 300ml

MUSH0053 - 40
Height: 16.4cm
Diam: 6.9cm
Capacity: 115ml

MUSH0054 - 40
Height: 16.0cm
Diam: 7.0cm
Capacity: 110ml

MUSH0055 - 40
Height: 15.8cm
Diam: 6.9cm
Capacity: 100ml

MUSH0056 - 40
Height: 15.2cm
Diam: 6.8cm
Capacity: 90ml

MUSH0068 - 45
Height: 17.9cm
Diam: 8.1cm
Capacity: 145ml


MUSH0022 - 40
Height: 16.2cm
Diam: 7.4cm
Capacity: 105ml

MUSH0023 - 40
Height: 16.3cm
Diam: 7.4cm
Capacity: 115ml

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