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Gallery Of Glass For Sale (Last updated 21st April 2024)

Ordering, Postage, Payment, Import Duty & Safety   What we do, and what we don't do

The Gallery is not a catalogue: it is a list of those glass vessels that we have in stock. Click on the photos as most of them are links!

If you wish to purchase glass from the Gallery, please read our Ordering, Postage, Payment, Import Duty & Safety page.

When ordering, please include your country and postcode / zip code in your email so we can calculate the carriage charge.

When ordering from the Gallery, please take a look at this page.

7th April 2024: By mid April we will have finished blowing 18th century glass and switched to blowing Roman glass for a couple of weeks before we turn off our furnace for the summer. We will not be demonstrating glassblowing during our Project Workshops Summer Exhibition, which is happening over the weekend of 1st and 2nd June 2024, although we will be open.
During the summer, we will once again be working on our wood-fired furnaces; rebuuilding one of them, and building a couple of small bead furnaces.
We will relight our furnace in mid-late September, ready to start blowing Outlander glass and 18th century glass in early October 2024.

Glass from our
Wood-fired Furnace

Roman and Other
Ancient Glass

Saxon and
Early Medieval Glass

Click on the photos

Medieval and
Post-medieval Glass

Mid 17th century to
late 18th century Bottles

Pre 18th century Glasses

18th century Glasses

18th century Vessels

Contemporary Glass

Outlander Vessels

In the Gallery, we aim to list most of the glass we have for sale. Virtually all are individual, one-off pieces. Mould-blown Roman beakers and ceramic Roman lamps are the only vessels of which there are multiples.

When ascertaining the capacity of each glass, we measure up to one centimetre below the rim.

As each vessel is sold, we will remove it from the Gallery. We will also periodically add new vessels to the Gallery.

We sign and date all of our glass

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