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Gallery Of Glass For Sale (Last updated 14th February 2018)

Ordering, Postage, Payment, Import Duty & Safety   Those vessels that we will make to order

The Gallery is not a catalogue: it is a list of those glass vessels that we have in stock. Click on the photos as most of them are links!

If you wish to purchase glass from the Gallery, please read this page. If you wish to order glass to be made, please also read this page.

Glassblowing Schedule 2018

Roman and Other
Ancient Glass

Saxon and
Early Medieval Glass

Click on the photos

Medieval and
Post-medieval Glass

Mid 17th century to
late 18th century Bottles

Late 17th century to
late 18th century Glasses

18th century Vessels

Contemporary Glass

'The Favourite' Vessels

Outlander Vessels

In the Gallery, we aim to list most of the glass we have for sale. Virtually all are one-off pieces, although some glasses will pair up. Mould-blown Roman beakers and ceramic Roman lamps are the only vessels of which there are multiples.

As each vessel is sold, we will remove it from the Gallery. We will also periodically add new vessels to the Gallery.

We will accept orders for certain 18th century glasses and bottles (including Outlander vessels), but as we work with several different glass compositions, we may have to keep orders on file for some time until we change the glass in the furnace.

See this page for the vessels for which we will accept orders.

We will not accept orders for any other glass (Roman and Ancient, Saxon, Medieval and Contemporary), and will only be supplying from stock. This is because we are only making this glass when we want to, and because we are spending far more time on 18th century glass.

The Outlander Vessels

In 2013 we were contacted by the film company responsible for Outlander and asked to make glasses for the set. They took three designs and some bottles.

In 2015, for the second season, we supplied more bottles, particularly the long-necked Shaft and Globe type, as well as some decanters with stoppers. In addition, we have been asked by several Outlander fans if we could make the carafe featured in the Wedding Scene.

In 2016, for the third season, we supplied another large quantity of glasses: repeats of the original glasses we supplied for the first season (our No.35, No.39 and No.51). Also for the third season we supplied a large quantity of small and large decanters.

More details on this page.

We sign and date all of our glass

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