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Archived Website

A link to the last version of our Roman Glassmakers website. Some of the information on Roman Glassmakers is duplicated in shortened form on this website, but there is much information to be found on it, including details of our wood-fired furnace project.

Our Georgian Glassmakers website is now completely offline.

Roman Glassmakers Georgian Glassmakers

The link will open in a new tab and various pages on Roman Glassmakers will link back to this website. Occasionally, we may update some of the information on there.

Roman Furnace Project Archive

The photographic archive for both the 2005 and the 2006 Roman Furnace Projects is now complete. Click on the image opposite to go to the start page for the Projects.

The Roman Furnace Projects

The photographic archive showing the weathering of the furnaces is now online. Click on the image opposite. This archive will be periodically updated.

Photographs of furnace weathering

Plans and section drawings of the site, workshop, furnaces and annealing ovens for 2005 and 2006. Click on the image opposite.

Furnace Project drawings and plans

Taylor, M. and Hill, D. (2008) 'Experiments in the Reconstruction of Roman Wood-Fired Glassworking Furnaces' in JGS 50, pp. 249-270.

Taylor and Hill: Roman Furnace Project Article

Paynter, S. (2008) 'Experiments in the Reconstruction of Roman Wood-Fired Glassworking Furnaces: Waste Products and their Formation Processes' in JGS 50, pp. 271-290.

Sarah Paynter: Roman Furnace Project Article


Archeoglas: German / English website detailing experimental glassworking archaeology

Glasofenexperiment: German website detailing the experimental wood-fired furnaces at Villa Borg

Glasrepliken: German website listing Velzeke and Villa Borg wood-fired furnaces

Villa Borg: website of the Villa in German

PAM Velzeke: website of the Provinciaal Archeologisch Museum in Flemish

François Arnaud: a very good French glassblower

Torsten Rötzsch: a very good German glassblower

Ben Dombey: a very good American glassblower

Project Workshops: this is where our workshop is situated

The Glass Society: a society for collectors of glass (formed from the merger of
The Glass Association and The Glass Circle)

Association for the History of Glass (AHG): all periods, but ancient in particular

Association Internationale pour l’Histoire du Verre (AIHV): the French AHG

Association Française pour l’Archéologie du Verre (AFAV): mainly French

Pioneering Glass: 17th century glass research

David Giles: books on glass

Gernheim Glassworks: A working glass museum in a glass cone in Germany

Corning Museum Of Glass (CMOG): The foremost American museum of glass; also the home of 'The Studio', where Bill Gudenrath is based

White House Cone Glass Museum: A dedicated museum for glass in Stourbridge

International Festival of Glass: The festival in Stourbridge held once every two years

Simon Bruntnell Photography: excellent photographer of glass

Heart of England Glass: Simon Bruntnell’s website focusing on glass from the Midlands

Lesley Pyke: Hand-engraved glass

Nancy Sutcliffe: Hand-engraved glass   Nancy's Facebook Page

Patricia Hilton-Robinson: Hand-engraved glass

House History Research: Philip and Sally Gorton are experienced 'house detectives' who undertake detailed research on the history of private houses in Surrey, Hampshire, West Sussex and Berkshire

Villa Borg

PAM Velzeke

Gernheim Glassworks

Corning Museum of Glass

White House Cone Glass Museum

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Photographs courtesy of the respective institutions

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